Skills: Writing/Presentations


Writing Samples:

Wrote editorial and art/entertainment pieces for the newspapers I worked at, including two cover stories

A Facebook in the Crowd - cover story for the Pacific Sun, 2010 (pdf)

Junkyard Martha Stewart - cover story for San Francisco Bay Guardian, 2000 (pdf)

Thinking Outside the Box - Pacific Sun, 2010 (pdf)

Life on the Roadkill - Pacific Sun, 2008 (pdf)

Harrod Blank and His Wild Wheels - SF Bay Guardian, 1997 (pdf)

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Design Presentation Samples:

Presented for colleagues

Infographics: Basics +Best Practices (pdf)

Understanding Images: Everything You Need to Know to Be An Amateur Expert (pdf)

Ads + Flyers: What Makes Effective Design (pdf)

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Bring Your Kids To Work Day Presentions/Art Projects:

Presented for children

Good Logo Design: How to Create a Logo That Doesn't Suck (pdf)

Talking Trash: Creating Art From Garbage (pdf)

Computer Art vs. Cut and Paste Art: Be An “Artist” Without “Drawing” Anything! (pdf)